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News & Events

Polycarbonate sheets


Polycarbonate sheets "shape" the path of light

Covestro at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt am Main

Solid sheets scatter light wide, selectively and glare-free

At the Light + Building lighting trade fair, Covestro invites you to come and follow the path of light. From 18 to 23 March 2018, the company will be presenting material solutions based on polycarbonate for energy-efficient LED lighting technology at Stand A84 in Hall 4.0.

Digital, minimized, refined ÔÇô light for modern working environments is one of the top themes at this year's Light + Building trade fair. Glare-free office lighting and slim designs are the tasks that Covestro will be challenging with its new polycarbonate sheets and presenting them at the trade fair.

Structured illumination without glare effects

Makrolon® DX Sky and Makrolon® SX Sharp are transparent solid sheets. They each have a smooth and a textured surface with specially developed microprismatic optics produced in the extrusion process. Both types of sheeting have increased light transmission, as no scattering additives are used in the production process.

The diffusing sheet, the Makrolon® DX Sky, has wide light scattering which is generated by the special arrangement of the lenses on the surface. It is perfect for industrial lighting applications, for example.

Makrolon® SX Sharp solid sheets are also made without scattering additives. But thanks to the specially developed micro-optical surface structure, it "shapes" the light for specific illumination. Lighting designers and architects can easily achieve a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of 19 and meet the requirements of the DIN EN 12464-1 standard.

Both types are very well suited for the illumination of interiors and are used for example for lamp covers at the workplace. The optical structure refracts the light and reduces, despite the brightness, annoying glare effects and thus provides a pleasant lighting environment.

The light scattering of the diffusing sheet is generated by specially developed microprismatic optics, through a special arrangement of the lenses on the surface.

Illuminated advertising put into the scene

With Makrolon® UV AdLight, Covestro puts customer brands in the right light. To accomplish that, the diffuser plate harmoniously combines light transmission and diffusion. It boasts UV protection on both sides and has a glossy and a matt surface. Printing on the glossy side is no problem. Depending on the design, it can be used flat or thermoformed. The material is great for all types of backlit illuminated advertising signs, which should be robust, low-maintenance and durable.

Design options and fire protection included

With its simple processing, the material can be brought into various shapes according to the designer's ideas. The polycarbonate sheets have a good fire classification, guaranteeing fireproof solutions in the interior.

In addition to the light-forming and anti-glare solid sheets, Covestro's LED range includes various diffuser sheets for which uniform light scattering with good light output are important. These are white, opaque reflector plates that reflect up to 97 percent of the LED light and are used either as reflective surfaces or as housing parts.