Makrolon® Polycarbonate for Guangzhou Metro Line Case Study

High-impact advertising light boxes

Driving transit ads with polycarbonate sheet

Advertising in the Guangzhou Metro Line stations is an important medium to reach commuters, especially given the growth and investment in public transportation by the Chinese government. The stations feature high-impact advertising light boxes that needed a transparent material to ensure the long-term performance and appearance of the digital displays.

OEM: Panasign Co. Ltd., Jinba Co. Ltd. and Ziyoumei Co Ltd.
Supplier: Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.
Industry: Lighting for Signage
Application: Metro light box
Product: Makrolon® UV2 polycarbonate sheet

Full case study:

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When searching for an ideal material, OEMs of the of the light source system, Panasign Co. Ltd., Jinba Co. Ltd. and Ziyoumei Co. Ltd. turned to Covestro and Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet.

To meet the project requirements, the LED light source needed a uniform diffusion material that offered 50 percent light transmission. Covestro developed Makrolon® UV2 polycarbonate sheet diffusion sheet in 4 millimeter thickness, which offers 55 percent light transmission and excellent diffusion properties. This eliminated the "ribs pattern" phenomenon and produced attractive, attention-grabbing advertisements. The high light transmission helps to reduce the use of an LED light source, resulting in energy savings.

The light boxes also utilize Makrolon® UV2 polycarbonate clear sheet in 6 millimeter thickness. With high impact resistance and durability, this sheet material protects the advertisements against damage.

The end result is attractive, eye-catching metro advertising with high-impact backlit panels.

The main properties of Makrolon® UV2 polycarbonate sheet are:

  • Light transparency
  • Impact strength
  • Flame retardance
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