Covestro polycarbonate sheet addresses security market with no c

Polycarbonate protection

Covestro polycarbonate sheet addresses security market with no compromise to aesthetics or integrity

High-performance materials are integral to protecting commercial, public, private, and government buildings against potential security threats. With a complete line of containment, forced entry and ballistic rated polycarbonate products, Covestro offers security glazing materials that can withstand extreme threats with no compromise to aesthetics or performance.

Covestro will exhibit Makrolon® and Hygard® solid and laminate sheets for security applications at ASIS 2016 presented by ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management professionals. Show attendees are invited to visit booth #1068 at the exhibit hall, Sept. 12-14, in Orlando.

Based on the virtually unbreakable Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet, Covestro security materials provide a visually pleasing, glass-like appearance while offering forced entry and ballistics resistance. Performance has been tested by accredited laboratories and the results show the materials are an effective first level of defense against attack or unlawful entry.

Makrolon® and Hygard® solid and laminate sheets offer clear benefits over security glass and glass-clad polycarbonate products. The materials are approximately 50 percent lighter than glass laminates of the same thickness, have excellent visual quality and are durable. These Covestro sheet materials will not spider web or spall, which provides an extra level of protection and allows authorities a clear line of sight in the event of an attack.

Hygard® polycarbonate laminate technologies is designed for security installations in detention and correctional centers, government facilities and banks, but is also appropriate for protection in schools, gas stations, convenience stores and other cash transaction areas. With its unique multilayer construction, the material offers a range of blast, ballistics, forced-entry and severe-storm protection. Featuring Makrolon® AR (abrasion resistance) hard-coat technology, Hygard® polycarbonate sheet provides long-lasting surface clarity, resistance to chemical attack, yellowing and abrasion. Multiple levels of protection are available, including products that meet and exceed federal government blast hazard mitigation standards for the GSA, U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State.

ASIS 2016 attendees can visit booth #1068 for a first-hand look at Covestro’s materials solutions for security applications.

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