Covestro polycarbonate sheets address multiple building and cons

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Covestro polycarbonate sheets address multiple building and construction requirements

Pittsburgh, November 14, 2016. Architects expend great amounts of time and effort looking for ways to build comfort, value and pleasing aesthetics into their designs. Covestro, a proven supplier for the building and construction industry, supports that commitment, offering a portfolio of high-performance materials that satisfies the needs of architects and helps contribute to buildings that are resilient, energy-efficient and provide a pleasing interior environment for occupants. 

Covestro will showcase polycarbonate sheet products that fulfill the market’s need to address the latest design trends while providing optimal functionality at booth 659 during ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) 2016 Nov. 15-17 in Boston.

ABX is the largest building industry event in the Northeast, bringing together architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and other building and construction professionals. ABX 2016 attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Covestro’s high-performance polycarbonate sheet products for skylights and other glazing applications, and speak with company experts. 

New possibilities for enhanced aesthetics 

Architects, builders and designers are in constant search of materials to meet the functional needs of a building and also allow for elements of design. Covestro lightweight and durable polycarbonate sheet offers superior performance that also enables freedom to create designs not possible with traditional materials. Based on Makrolon® polycarbonate technology, these sheet products provide exceptional impact strength, high UV resistance and light transmission for extended service life and exceptional weatherability, all important attributes for roofing, skylights and facades. Covestro will feature a selection of its polycarbonate sheet products during ABX 2016. 

Makrolon® AR polycarbonate sheet 

A proprietary hardcoat technology used in Makrolon® abrasion resistant (AR) polycarbonate sheet enhances protection against chemical and UV attack. It also reduces maintenance cost and liability risk over other glazing materials throughout the product’s lifecycle. In addition to its high abrasion resistance, Makrolon® AR polycarbonate sheet resists yellowing and offers high surface hardness, strength, clarity and ease of installation. 

Makrolon® SK1 sheets enable multiple applications 

Makrolon® SK1 polycarbonate sheet is optimized to deliver high light diffusion while providing high light transmission, making it an ideal material for use in awnings, entryway canopies and other glazing applications. Since the product can be draped or thermoformed, it is often used in contoured applications like domed skylights. The Makrolon® SK1 product series is available in smooth or prismatic texture with a UV-enhanced cap layer that provides outstanding weatherability.

The prismatic grade has a pattern designed to diffuse and distribute light while maintaining high light transmission and reducing glare. This polycarbonate sheet is approximately 60 times stronger than acrylic and 15 times stronger than impact-modified acrylic. 

Hygard® EX polycarbonate sheet, a multipurpose architectural solution 

Also highlighted at this year’s conference is Hygard® EX polycarbonate sheet. This laminated polycarbonate sheet is useful in window glazing applications, offering appealing architectural aesthetics while complying with energy-efficiency requirements. 

The company’s Hygard® security laminates are a versatile architectural solution for a wide variety of glazing applications where security is critical. Consisting of multiple layers of polycarbonate sheet, Hygard® laminates display high performance unsurpassed by glass and glass-clad polycarbonate products in glazing applications. The material is durable, lightweight and tough while retaining design flexibility. Visitors are invited to stop by Covestro’s ABX 2016 booth to learn more about these and other polycarbonate sheet products and technologies and speak with Covestro experts.

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