Covestro polycarbonate sheet hits the right note for musical app

Polycarbonate sheet offers aesthetics and clarity

Covestro polycarbonate sheet hits the right note for musical application

In a place of worship, music is essential. However, acoustic drum sets can drown out other instruments and increase the decibel levels, particularly in small spaces. With a drum enclosure, an acoustic barrier is created between the drums and both the audience and musicians, keeping drum noise within an acceptable range for a comfortable listening experience.

Total Drum Cage turned to Covestro LLC for an easy-to-work-with, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective material for the front shield of its drum enclosure. Makrolon® SL polycarbonate sheet in reel form hits the right note for this unique, musical application. It offers exceptional impact strength, outstanding dimensional stability and high clarity. The lightweight sheet is also easy to fabricate, allowing Total Drum Cage to cold form the material and roll it up for shipping.

“Many drum enclosures are cost-prohibitive, unsightly and separate the drummer from the other musicians,” said Justin Cervin, owner and operator of Total Drum Cage. “The seamless shield of the Total Drum Cage allows for a clean, nonobtrusive, yet functional design while ensuring the drummer is part of the musical experience.”

The modular design of the Total Drum Cage allows two people to assemble or disassemble it in under a half-hour, making it suitable for both permanent and temporary installations. The Total Drum Cage can be customized with options to further enhance its performance such as ventilation, sound absorption panels and floor panels.

“This application illustrates the versatility of Covestro polycarbonate sheet and its superior advantages,” said Thomas Niziolek, architectural segment manager – Polycarbonate Sheet, Covestro LLC. “Our goal is to help our customers bring high-quality products to market. With lightweight Makrolon® SL polycarbonate sheet that meets fabrication requirements and offers optical clarity, Total Drum Cage is able to meet an unmet need.”

About Total Drum Cage:
Total Drum Cage provides a cost effective solution to drum isolation issues. There are a variety of options and upgrades such as; air circulation, interior acoustic treatments, and a floor on casters for mobility. With the various options, you can build a drum cage suitable to fit your needs.

For more information about Total Drum Cage, visit www.totaldrumcage.com, call 1-469-667-3420 or email justin@totaldrumcage.com.

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