Covestro LLC enhances materials portfolio with two new polycarbo

Covestro LLC enhances materials portfolio with two new polycarbonate sheet products

Company to exhibit at International Sign Association Expo 2018 | Covestro materials help create signage with outstanding performance and innovative designs

Consumers rely on signage for information and inspiration. For attractive and long-lasting commercial signage, manufacturers use high-quality materials from Covestro LLC. These materials will be on display at International Sign Association (ISA) Sign Expo, the largest gathering of sign and graphics professionals.

More than 20,000 Expo attendees will have the opportunity to visit Covestro at booth #3335 during the show, March 22-24, in Orlando, Florida. Covestro will introduce two new polycarbonate products and showcase the company’s high-performance polycarbonate sheet used for channel letters, dynamic digital display and signage applications. With its extensive inventory, Covestro has the right materials to solve manufacturers’ signage challenges.

At ISA, Covestro will introduce Makrolon® NR and Makrolon® NR-C polycarbonate sheet. NR offers enhanced ultraviolet (UV) resistance with a proprietary matte surface to reduce reflection typically associated with a smooth sheet. Hard coated on one side, NR-C is suitable for harsh environments, such as fuel dispensing systems, dynamic digital displays and screen protection. Both Makrolon® NR and Makrolon® NR-C have advanced technology for long-lasting weather performance while providing outstanding impact strength and are compliant with UL 879: Electric Sign Components, UL File #E146154.

Makrolon® LD polycarbonate sheet meets the requirements for oversized or formed channel letters and cloud signs. This material is easy to form, fabricate and decorate. Due to proprietary light diffusion technology, visible hot spots are eliminated from pinpoint LEDs while providing excellent light uniformity and high light transmission. The product incorporates UV-resistance technology for long-lasting, outdoor weathering performance.

Signage and kiosks in indoor and outdoor facilities benefit from the anti-graffiti surface of Makrolon® AR polycarbonate sheet.While virtually unbreakable, its exclusive hardcoat technology protects against abrasion and chemical attack, and UV degradation common in high-traffic areas. This exceptional durability translates into a significant reduction in maintenance costs over the life of the product when compared with other glazing materials.

Makrolon® SL polycarbonate sheet meets UL 879 standards for electrical signage. The high-performance material is virtually unbreakable and has UV protection for exceptional weatherability. Makrolon® SL polycarbonate sheet is available in a variety of sheet and reel sizes and can be easily fabricated, thermoformed and decorated. Manufacturers can choose clear, matte or one of nine industry-standard translucent colors.

Designed for lighting lenses, translucent Makrolon® Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet is a popular choice for LED light fixtures. The material features a unique combination of high light diffusion and high light transmission due to an optimized surface texture and advanced diffuser technologies. This sheet offers superior impact strength, toughness, enhanced flammability resistance and a larger service temperature range than alternative materials like acrylic. Makrolon® Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet is available in a broad range of standard diffusion levels as well as a warm (LW) or a cool (LC) hue, providing designers with flexibility to maximize their products’ appearance and performance.

Another material option for use in LED light fixtures is Makrolon® DX-NR polycarbonate sheet. Like Makrolon® Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet, the Makrolon® DX-NR polycarbonate sheet grade is a translucent material offering superior impact strength, toughness and flammability resistance when compared with acrylic and glass. Makrolon® DX-NR polycarbonate sheet was also developed for lighting lenses, but this material grade is well suited for outdoor applications. Exterior applications are protected from surface degradation due to enhanced UV-resistance technology.

ISA attendees can visit the Covestro booth (#3335) to see and feel samples of the company’s outstanding engineered polycarbonate sheets. Materials experts will be available to answer questions about the Covestro polycarbonate sheet portfolio.

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