Light advertising skillfully staged

Backlit advertising and signs made from Covestro solid sheets

Light advertising skillfully staged

Polycarbonate is durable, low-maintenance and virtually unbreakable

Leverkusen, October 24, 2017. A strong brand needs a strong presence – not only in the media but also live on location. Outdoor advertising is key for a company. For this area of visual communication, Makrolon UV AdLight solid polycarbonate sheets give the ideal combination of design freedom and efficiency.

They are provided with a UV protection layer on both sides and have a glossy and a matt surface, have high impact strength at low weight and are virtually unbreakable. The sheets can be easily installed with little risk of destruction, for example, by vandalism. It is possible to print easily on the shiny side and they can be used flat or thermoformed, depending on the design.

Uniform illumination

LEDs are very energy efficient lamps with a long life. A disadvantage is that they have - as background illumination – individual and clearly visible light spots, so-called LED hotspots. One of the main advantages of the Makrolon® UV AdLight polycarbonate sheets is that they harmoniously combine light transmission and light diffusion. In the case of backlighting using LEDs, the light is transmitted unchanged through the translucent solid sheet to ensure a homogeneous light distribution. Even with slim applications, such as light boxes, visible LED hotspots are a thing of the past. Even without backlighting, the polycarbonate material attracts attention through its bright white surface.

Makrolon® UV AdLight is easy to machine with conventional tools from wood and metal processing and can withstand continuous use of temperatures between -100 °C and 120 °C. Another highlight is the good fire protection classification (Europe EN 13501-1, B-s2-d0) as well as the ease of cleaning with simple water and a microfiber cloth. The product is particularly durable and has a guarantee for weather resistance.

Versatile applications

The sheets are suitable for all types of backlit illuminations that should be robust, low-maintenance and durable. Examples are shop signs, logos, profile letters, pylons, displays, city light posters, light boxes or even emergency signs in public buildings.

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