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Covestro Sheets Europe. Strong Brandnames for top quality Polycarbonate and Polyester Sheets.


Covestro offers you a range of five top-quality brand-name products: Makrolon® sheets, made of high-grade polycarbonate from Covestro, Vivak® and Axpet® polyester sheets, and Bayloy® as well as Bayloy®- all based on quality raw materials. These products meet the highest technical requirements , whilst allowing you a high degree of creativity. And they also stand out thanks to their excellent recycling properties.

Makrolon® sheets are a range of transparent and translucent polycarbonate sheets featuring extremely high impact resistance - an outstanding property that they maintain over a wide temperature range.
Axpet® sheets are thermoplastic polyester sheets. They are particularly suited for the production of visual communication products.
Bayblend® sheets are a blend of PC and ABS with high rigidity. They are very suitable for thermoforming and are easy to machine.
Vivak® sheets are versatile co-polyester sheets which, thanks to their excellent thermoforming properties, are ideal for all types of thermoformed parts.
Bayloy® sheets are opaque, colored plastic sheets based on PC or PETG. This robust material is ideal for any application that demands products with outstanding break resistance and impact strength.

S-Line and i-Line

Our extended product range is divided into 2 categories: S-Line and i-Line. In this way, you can find much quicker the product that fits your project the most!


S-Line, the standard product line, represents a range of certified quality products which offer the reliable solution for most applications. 
To this range belong all products excepting those who belong to the i-line-range.


Ideas, innovative, intelligent, interesting ...
i-Line represents the next generation of quality products. This seal guarantees innovative and intelligent first-class solutions at all times for a multitude of requirements.

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