Makrolon® SX

Makrolon® SX = Shaping eXcellence.

Makrolon®SX Line - Light shaping and de-glaring sheets

Makrolon® SX microprismatic sheets offer excellent optical efficiency thanks to special polycarbonate grades and the microlense surface pattern with 124,8lpi. High precision microlenses are spread over the entire sheet surface and due to the special extrusion process the lens geometry remains unchanged, whether on the edges or in the middle. If placed parallel or perpendicular to LED lines (strips), they provide light diffusion in lenticular (linear) direction in a very efficient way, also in very thin fixture profiles. In other positions, they shape the light in dynamic forms when placed with microlenses perpendicular to each other, they offer full diffusion as well as de-glaring, eliminating the need for additional diffuser film underneath.

You´ll benefit from:

  • extreme optical efficiency
  • very good light shaping properties at low thickness
  • resistance to wide range of temperature


  • LED fixtures for functional and decorative lighting, luminaires,
  • LED retrofits of fluorescent lamps,
  • non-lighting design applications.

Available in:

  • 1.35 mm sheet thickness
  • Dimension:1.280 x 750 mm

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