Makrolon® SilentSound

Makrolon® SilentSound

The growing traffic on motorways and railways generates an increase in the noise affecting humans and animals. To protect the environment from the impact of contininously increasing noise, Makrolon® is becoming more often the material of choice for transparent noise protection barriers along highly frequented motorways, expressways and railways. The Makrolon® Silent Sound solid polycarbonate sheets do more than just reduce the noise level. They resist weathering, debris impact from collision as well as vandalism even in minus temperatures. And because they are transparent, they fit seamlessly into their surroundings. To ensure the well-being not only of the residents but also of birds, the sheets also feature highly effective protection against bird collisions.

Proven quality

Makrolon® Silent Sound is a product specially developed for soundwall applications. Noise protection barriers from Makrolon® meet the sound technical requirements for noise reduction and the demands of road safety, stability such as form and ageing stability.

At its best due to easy manufacturing

Makrolon® Silent Sound can be easily manufactured and makes the hearts of architects beat faster. The solid sheets can be bent cold and also manufactured flat. There are virtually no limits to its design possibilities when you themoform them. The sheets weigh less than conventional building materials. This makes it particularly ideal for use on bridges. You use the sheets quickly and safely without any additional structures or equipment.

That special ´extra´:

  • Bird protection according to ONR 191040
  • Anti-graffiti-like according to NF F31-112
  • Tested wall panels for use on high-speed railways for speeds up to 250 km/h  
  • 15 years´ warranty on break resistance and optical quality 
  • Noise reduction up to 34 dB (DLR) 
  • Extended UV - for cold bending and flat uses
  • Tested Safety according to EN-14388
  • 100% recycable


  • Soundwalls for use along highways and railroads

Available in:

  • transparent and coloured to customer specification
  • 8/ 10/ 12/ 15/ 18 and 20 mm sheet thickness

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