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The Plastic Sheets for Thermoforming.

Vivak® Copolyester Sheets

The Vivak® brand - versatile co-polyester sheets for a wide range of applications - combines superior thermoforming properties with excellent mechanical properties. Vivak® therefore offers designers a high degree of freedom for realizing intricate transparent shapes.
The application spectrum of this universal material ranges from industry to visual communication - displays, vending machines, shop fittings - through to the field of medicine. Here, Vivak® is used for the manufacture of artificial limbs and special appliances, for example.

The Advantages:

  • wide freedom of design   
  • high productivity: extremely easy processing at low temperatures = shorter cycle times
  • high break resistance
  • compatibility with foodstuffs
  • good printability
Vivak® UV
Vivak® ColorLine
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