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Who we are

Tradition: A wealth of knowledge – evident strengths
Companies with tradition like Covestro are companies you can rely on. Our customers benefit from the merging of three recognized firms and from over 40 years of combined know-how in the production of polycarbonate sheets. We have the strength that is always in demand: to be able to set new standards in the market.

Progress: Future-ready and fit for the present
Covestro is a company committed to progress. We know that quality is not written in stone, but can be continuously developed. That applies to production, e.g. through the selection and combination of the best raw materials available, to product management, to cooperation with our customers, whose satisfaction is the yardstick for the continuous training of our employees and the special promotion of innovative technologies.

Tradition and progress – two areas of performance with one effect
Our two faces, tradition and progress, enable us to offer two kinds of performance: one that is future-ready and one that will still be reliable tomorrow.

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