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Solid Sheet


Transport, Storage


Pad and pack polycarbonate sheets in flat position. Sore in a sheltered, clean, dry and free from dust warehouse; away from direct sunlight/ rain.

Do not have roll products dropped from the vehicle when you unload them. Fine cracks may occur on cutting surfaces by impact.

Do not move roll products in vertical position. Cracks may occur on the sides.

Must avoid storing the products along with a chemical agent (organic agent such as thinner, gasoline, lamp oil, or anti-rust oil) in a storehouse or a room. Doing so may cause damage on the products.

Do not store or expose the products to direct sunlight for a long time. Doing so may cause difficulty in removing the protective film, deformation to the products in the summer season, and/or cracks in the winter season.


Sealant and gaskets must be compatible to polycarbonate.

When using a silicon sealant, select an alcohol type. Using an acetoxy type silicon sealant or an oxime type silicon sealant may cause surface corrosion and/or solvent cracks on the product. Do not use the incompatible amino, benzamide or methoxy curing silicone sealant.

Sufficient drying and ventilation is required when you use a silicon sealant.
The PVC gaskets and caoutchouc must not be used at all.

When you need to use a bolt (or a screw), do not select one with oblique threads.

A bolt or a screw with oblique threads may cause cracks on the product.


Cut a hole on the product at a distance - which is more than twice the diameter of the drill – from the edge.
d = 2 × Diameter of drill

Install the product in consideration of the linear expansion coefficient: When the difference in temperature is 50℃, the expansion length of the product with the PC length of 4m is 14.0mm approximately.

0.065 mm/m ℃(Linear Expansion Coefficient of PC) × 4000 mm (Length) × 50℃ (Difference in temp.) = 14.0mm

Cut a hole of which the diameter is 2 - 4mm greater than that of the bolt (or screw), and then tighten the bolt (or screw) with an appropriate accessory such as a washer.

Do not tight the blot directly when you join the product with the support (chassis). Cracks may occur.

When you install the product in curvature, make the radius of curvature (R) greater than 180 times of the thickness.

When the radius of curvature is less than that, cracks may occur on the product due to tensional stress.

Sheets with abrasion resistant coating can’t be bended.

Radius of Curvature (R) > 180 × Thickness of Product

When you use cement or paint, install the product after sufficient cleaning and ventilation.

Contact with paint or thinner on the product surface may cause deformation and/or cracks.

Direct contact with cement on the product surface may cause cracks.

When you use a roll product, install it in the rolled direction.

Installing the roll product in the opposite direction may cause Cracks

Do not have a welding rod or sludge contact with the product directly.

Doing so may cause damage on the product.


    Maintenance, Cleaning

Rinse polycarbonate sheets with lukewarm water ( below 60 °C). Wash gently with mild soap/detergent by using a soft cloth/sponge to clear the dirt and grime.

Don’t scrub with brushes/rough fiber.

Rinse second time. Dry with soft cloth/chamois to prevent water spotting.

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